Server Configuration


Arcane cannot give out role rewards unless it has the Manage Role permission and Arcane's highest role is above the role rewards.

Configuring Your Server


To start configuring your server please refer to the Dashboard documentation. Once you have read through that please continue on with this page. It provides some basic understanding of Arcane's dashboard which will be required to know in this guide.

Role Rewards

Role rewards provide an incentive to be active in your server. When a user reaches a level Arcane will give them a role as a reward. You don't need to do exactly how we show rewards. You can create different roles with different names. We have no limits to how many rewards you can create. Your only limit is discord. 😀 An example of some rewards:

Level Role Reward
1 Novice
10 Beginner
50 Master
150 Instructor

Adding a Reward

Once you are into Arcane's dashboard, find your server and select it. You will be greeted with a list of modules which you can configure. Role rewards can be found in the leveling module. You may need to enable the Leveling Module by clicking enable. To create a reward you select a role from the dropdown menu and then enter the level it should be given at. Once you are happy with your selection click the Add Reward button.

Create a reward

Removing a Reward

To remove a reward simply click on the reward where it is listed on the left.

Remove a reward

Common Mistakes

Many users who invite the bot do not correctly setup their roles. When you invite Arcane your role menu in discord may look like this:

Don't do this


Arcane's role is below the Reward Roles. Arcane cannot give these roles even if Arcane has the Manage Roles permission. Simply move Arcane's role above the other roles and Arcane will be able to give out the rewards properly.

Do this

End result