Getting Started

Should my server use leveling?

Some servers should probably not use our leveling feature. If you want to increase activity in your server this may be the feature you're looking for.


Arcane requires a few permissions for leveling to work. Arcane requires Send messages, embed links, attach images, and view channel. If Arcane doesn't have any of these permissions some commands may fail to work.

Basic Commands

Command Example Use
level [member] alevel @imdark Check the level of you or another member.
leaderboard aleaderboard View the leaderboard for the server.
rewards arewards View the role rewards for the server.
color <hex> acolor #c9d676 Change the color of your progress bar on the rank card.
color bg <hex> acolor bg #c9d676 Change the background color of your rank card. (Premium Only)

Administrator Commands


All administrator commands require the user to have the Administrator permission.

Command Example Use
setlevel asetlevel @ImDarkDiamond 5 Set the level of a member to a desired level
resetlevel aresetlevel Reset everyone's level in the server. This cannot be undone
resetlevel <member> aresetlevel @ImDarkDiamond Reset a specific users level. This cannot be undone
resetlevel left aresetlevel left Reset all users who have left. This cannot be undone