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Arcane is great at warning, muting, kicking, and banning members. Arcane also has the ability to log all moderation actions into a channel.


  • Ban, kick, mute, warn commands
  • History commands
  • Moderation Logging

Moderation Commands

Arcane has a huge variety of moderation commands for you to use.
  • Ban
    • Ban a member from your server. They will not be able to rejoin your server.
      aban @ImDarkDiamond Being a huge meme
  • Kick
    • Kick a member from your server. They can rejoin your server.
      akick @ImDarkDiamond Being a small meme. Please stop!
  • Mute
    • Prevent a user from sending messages or speaking in voice channels. This can be temporarily or forever.
      Temporarily (5 minutes): amute @ImDarkDiamond 5m Spamming memes
      Forever: amute @ImDarkDiamond Spamming lots of memes
  • Warn
    • Warn a user if needed.
      awarn @ImDarkDiamond Please stop spamming memes
  • Purge
    • Delete X amount of messages in the current channel.
      Delete 10 messages: apurge 10
  • Massban
    • Ban multiple members at once.
      amassban @ImDarkDiamond @ImDarkDiamond2 @ImDarkDiamond3
  • Softban
    • Kick a user and delete all their messages in the last 7 days.
      asoftban @ImDarkDiamond Sending millions of memes
  • Unmute
    • Unmute a muted user.
      aunmute @ImDarkDiamond Please stop sending soooo many memes.

User History

Arcane keeps track of a users punishment history. You can view it with the history command.

ahistory @ImDarkDiamond

Moderation Logging

Arcane can send all moderation actions to a channel. This is useful for knowing who muted, banned, kicked, etc a user.