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Arcane can give your members roles when they reach specific levels. This can all be configured via the dashboard.


  • Level and leaderboard commands
  • Customizable colors

Levelup Message


Levelup messages are different than custom commands. You cannot use these tags. Instead you can use the tags show below.

Mention: {user.mention} -> @ImDarkDiamond#0256

Tag: {user.tag} -> ImDarkDiamond#0256

XP: {user.xp} -> 6122

Level: {user.level} -> 81

Delete: {delete} -> Deletes the levelup message after 5 seconds.

Example Levelup Messages

Input: {user.mention} has reached level {user.level}! Nice job!

Output: @ImDarkDiamond#0256 has reached level 82! Nice job!
Input: Wow... {user.tag} has finally reached {user.level}. They also have {user.xp} xp. {delete}

Output: Wow... ImDarkDiamond#0256 has finally reached 82. They also have 32 xp. 
After 5 seconds the ouput then will delete.